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Fast gearbox repair with our Mobile Service Workshop

Fast on-site gearbox repair is made possible by the Mobile Service Workshop of Stork Gears & Services.Fast on-site gearbox repair with our Mobile Service workshop

This self-supporting "driving workshop" is available with both standard equipment and customer specific tools. Using our superbly equipped roving mobile service we can perform all activities on location. This produces an extra time profit and prevents time-consuming procedures in the work preparation.

Fast on-site gearbox repairs

The workshop is optimally equipped for the most extreme of projects. At the customer’s location we can rely on both the tools and expertise for the fast implementation of repair and maintenance to your gearboxes. The mobile workshop drives to numerous locations with complex applications. Often it concerns repairs to extrusion drive mechanisms, lift winch drive mechanisms and tilting and pinion gearboxes tractions. Already many customers are finding benefit with the Stork mobile service, among which are TATA, DSM and Air Products.

Does your company also have an interest in our fast and flexible gear services?

The advantages listed:

  • complete mobile workshop
  • standard equipment and customer specific tools
  • self supporting, from toolbox to compressor
  • directly at work
  • fast service on the spot
  • total solution, expertise & tools

The standard equipment:

  • welding equipment
  • compressor
  • tools (spanner tools 8 to 115)
  • alignment equipment
  • set micrometers
  • diverse lifting equipment
  • customer specific tools

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