Engineering & maintenance support

Engineering & maintenance support

Engineering and maintenance support

Customer focus: power plant operation and construction

The Product Line Engineering and Maintenance Support provides specialized on-site engineering and maintenance personnel. Our focus on power plants enables us to provide the required specialist support within a very short time. From craftsmen to engineers, our highly trained experts provide maintenance planning, project and construction management, technical documentation, administration, plant management, documentation support, maintenance services and occupational health & safety guidance.

How we add value:

  • Customer focus, based on long-term partnership
  • Specialized approach delivers reliability, flexibility and effectiveness
  • Close working relationship with the customer

A strong customer relationship is our highest priority. We diskuss and evaluate opportunities directly with the customer and present proposals to meet the technical and/or personnel requirements. Detailed preparation and a good knowledge of the customer’s internal processes are the first steps towards customer satisfaction and long-term contracts.

Our services:


  • User manual revisions
  • Training document compilation
  • Plant management


  • Planning
  • Inspections
  • Measures

Plant technology

  • Construction management
  • Fire protection for buildings and sites
  • Documentation management
  • Project management
  • Computer Aided Design drawings

Supporting processes

  • Plant security
  • Quality management
  • Radiation protection management
  • Occupational health & safety

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