Logo and image library

Logo and image library

Our library hosts images of our activities around the world, our logo and pictures of our Board members. Images can be downloaded in low and high resolution. Also download our logo in various formats (see downloads below). 

Guidelines logo use

The logo is characterized by the following primary features:

  • An image that portrays a single organization.
  • STORK is always written in capital letters.
  • There are two forms possible: the bounding box in dark blue with STORK written in white, and the bouding box in white with STORK written in dark blue (diapositive version).
  • The bounding box in dark blue is used against a white background.
  • The bounding box in white is used against a dark blue background.

Logo colors
There are four different versions of the Stork logo:

  • Colour (positive and diapositive)
  • Black-and-white (positive and diapositive)

These versions are available as:

  • CMYK coated
  • CMYK uncoated
  • PMS coated
  • PMS uncoated
  • RGB

Logo with strapline
The Stork logo can be used with a strapline for building the brand:

  • Specific Marketing & Communications campaigns.
  • Targeted Promotion material, brochures, adverts, etc.
  • Strapline not fixed to the logo to maintain flexibility in expressions.
  • The strapline holds a reflection of the boundingbox which give the two items a connection.

Available high resolution images